About Us

CaputoOur Founding Principals, Kenneth J. Caputo, Charles Comeau, and Daniel E. Kelly are 25 year veterans of navigating and performing the tasks involved in both the design and construction phases of Land Development projects.  We know what each team member needs to prepare, how long they need, and at what cost.  We manage the sequence and schedule of design and construction  to deliver you results that save you time and money without sacrificing quality.  The mix of experts at Caputo Project Delivery Solutions are exactly what the new Land Development Market demands.

Kenneth J. Caputo, President

Mr. Caputo is President and Founder of Caputo Project Delivery Solutions and has 25-years of experience in the design and construction.  He evaluates projects for Owners, Developers and Project Principals and develops strategies for navigating the project entitlement and construction phases of their projects.   He has extensive knowledge of the land development entitlement process and applies that knowledge to the team resulting in an organized, efficient delivery process of design and reporting that gets projects approved in the shortest amount of time.  He provides a seamless and fluid transition in Program Management from the design and entitlement phase to the construction management phase.

Charles Comeau, Vice President

Mr. Comeau brings 25-years of hands-on construction and field experience to every project he manages.   With an eye for detail his strength lies in putting all the pieces of the project together so it runs smoothly and is delivered on-time and with high-quality.  Sought after as an expert and leader in his community, Mr. Comeau is the Alternate Building Inspector, a 15-year member and current Chairman of the Avon Planning Board, and is on the Library Board of Trustees.  He works with clients early on in the design development phase of the project and guides the design team toward cost effective solutions and materials that he knows will produce the quality desired for the budget available.

Dan Kelly, Vice President

With 25-years of experience in all phases of construction, Mr. Kelly brings strong management and communication skills to every project.  He has worked on the job site and in the Board Room, helping clients develop the plans and controls they need to make every construction project a success.  He has built strong trade partner relationships over the years and has a vast network of quality product suppliers.  He is extremely selective in the retention of subcontractors and suppliers.  Knowing their backgrounds and strengths, Mr. Kelly has a unique ability to assemble the best trade partners available for each unique project type and style.  One size does not fit all when it comes to selecting the trade partners for your specific project needs, and Mr. Kelly always delivers the most qualified and cost competitive subcontractors and suppliers to the team.