From ground up, large commercial retail centers to smaller downtown urban projects, the combination of diverse expertise and experience that we offer is what you need in today’s challenging Land Development Market.

Project: South Boston Elderly Housing
Location: H Street, South Boston, MA
Client: National Council of Senior Citizens (NCSC)/Jeffrey M. Brown, Assoc.
Description: 3 story, 50 unit apartment style building.  In addition to all of the traditional construction management services required to complete the project, Chuck and Dan managed the interaction between the NCSC and various government agencies for funding requirements and regulatory requirements.

Program Value: $ 4,260,000

Project: Peterborough Street Apartments
Location: Boston, MA
Client: Hajjar Realty, Inc.
Description: Chuck and Dan built this free standing, 6-story, 12-unit apartment building on a vacant lot between two existing 6 story structures with only ¾-inches to spare on each side.  The building is 21’ wide and 88’ feet deep set on pressure injected piles, grade beams and a structural slab.

Program Value: $ 3,000,000

Project: Penzance Point
Location: Falmouth, MA
Client: Brophy & Phillips
Description: Addition, renovation & reconstruction of an existing 7,000 square foot wood framed residence into a 12,000 square foot residence.  Project highlights include water proof vaults for mechanical systems, and a 1,300 foot cast-in-place cement concrete seawall with fieldstone veneer.

Program Value: $ 8,500,00


Project: Avon Co-operative Bank
Location: Avon, MA
Client: Avon Co-operative Bank
Description: Chuck and Dan delivered the undivided attention of  their innovative construction management minds, and one whale of a safety program to construct this second floor addition and first floor renovations while maintaining banking operations throughout construction activities.

Program Value: $ 1,200,000



Project: Cushing Street Golf Tunnel
Location: Hingham, MA
Client: The Boston Golf Club
Description: When a championship 18-hole signature golf course is divided in half by a 10,000+ vehicle per day arterial, an innovative solution is needed to get from the front-9 to the back-9.  Ken (while at Coler & Colantonio, Inc.) provided The Boston Golf Club with the design-build delivery solution they needed.  The precast concrete tunnel was designed, permitted and installed under Cushing Street by the design-build team on time and in budget without closing the street to through traffic.

Program Value: $ 1,000,000

Project: Target
Location: Salem MA, Watertown MA, Boston MA, Lincoln RI, Bedford NH, Abington MA, Somerville MA, Methuen MA Stoughton MA, Hanover MA, Swansea, MA, Marlboro, MA, South Bay-Boston, MA
Client: Target/Jeffrey M. Brown, Assoc.
Description: When Target plans for the renovations/additions to existing stores, or ground up construction of new stores in New England, they turn to Chuck  and Dan to lead the JMB Construction Management Team to deliver their projects.

Program Value: $ 10,000,000 – $28,000,000

Project: IKEA
Location: Stoughton, MA
Client: Target USA
Description: IKEA turned to Ken (while at Coler & Colantonio, Inc.) to manage a diverse team of professionals and contractors to entitle and construct the site and off-site infrastructure improvements for their first Massachusetts store.  Ken’s team delivered permits in less than 6-months and the store opened 15-months later.

Program Value: $ 19,500,000

Project: Bridgewater Place
Location: Bridgewater, MA
Client: Property Investors, LLC
Description: The client relied on Ken(while at Coler & Colantonio, Inc.) to manage a diverse team of professionals to deliver local and State approvals and negotiate a land swap with MassDOT that made this project possible.  The responsibility then went on to CM at-risk the delivery of the Home Depot site constructed around an operating Honey Dew Donut Shop, relocation of Motor Cars International Dealership (building & site, right), and complete off-site traffic improvements.

Program Value: $ 7,700,000