Construction Management

In today’s Land Development market the Construction Manager (CM) is evolving into a critical and much needed team leader, not only in the construction phase, but in the design development/entitlement or preconstruction phase, as well.

Caputo Project Delivery Solutions plays a vital role in the construction of your project and provides the needed leadership for your project with our preconstruction and construction phase CM Services. Our approach is flexible based on your unique project requirements and specific project goals.  We perform these services via an Owner’s Representative (Not At Risk) approach or via CM-Gross Maximum Price (CM-GMP At Risk).  We have an open book policy that shows you all of the project costs under either performance approach.

We take a lead role with your professional services team, helping to guide and direct them toward increased efficiency through accelerated services that result in cost effective and approved design solutions.  We can do this because our Founding Principals are 25+ year veterans of navigating and performing the tasks involved in both Phases of Land Development projects.  Typical services in this phase are:

Program Evaluation
Program Definition
Construction Budgeting
Construction Scheduling
Meeting Management
Public Meetings
Alternatives Analysis
Prime Contract Structure
Private Utility Coord.
Subcontract Organization
Construction Phasing
Construction Sequencing
Procurement Methods
Materials & Suppliers
Long Lead Items
Soliciting Bidder Interest

The knowledge we gain, the relationships we build, and the project delivery solutions we develop in the preconstruction phase provides you with an unmatched CM awareness and understanding of the project and strengthens our position and effectiveness as your CM in the construction phase.  We have the systems and processes required to comprehensively and successfully navigate through the construction phase of your project.  Typical services in this phase are

Construction Administration
Cost Tracking
Schedule Monitoring
Meeting Management
Shop Drawing Management
Government Coordination
Safety Management
RFI Management
Changes in the Work
Progress Reports
Cash Flow Reports
Accounting Records
Payment Requisitions

Quality Control
Our reputation as professionals in an evolving service market that demands strong management of both design and construction depends on achieving quality results.  The mix of experts at Caputo Project Delivery Solutions is exactly what the new Land Development Market demands.  Before your project enters into construction, and throughout the construction phase, our team is expediting our quality control systems and procedures.  Typical Quality Control tasks are:

Constructability Reviews
Value Engineering
Document Reviews
Safety Programs
Permit Compliance
Environmental Compliance
Compliance with Plans and Specs
Delivery Schedule Compliance
Testing & Certifications
Inspections (all day-every day)
Cost Control
Progress Reporting
Punch Lists
Final Inspections
Closeout Procedures