Land Development

We assemble professional service teams that are ready and eager to meet new challenges head on and the schedule that we establish separates the pretenders from the performers.  The time needed to complete planning & design, navigate the entitlement process, and capture the final evolution of the program in CD’s is unpredictable to some, but manageable to us. Time is not our money, it is yours, and the less time you spend here on your projects, the more successful everyone becomes.

With 25+ years of land development experience, we know what each team member needs to perform, how long they need,  and at what cost.  We know how to work with the various professional disciplines and more importantly, how to get them to work as a cohesive team with a common focus and goal.  The founders of Caputo Project Delivery Solutions have the experience you need to work with and manage these professionals listed, so you don’t have to:

Civil Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Environmental Permitting
Architectural Services & Building Professionals
Landscape Architects
Legal Services
Community Outreach Services

We take a strategic approach toward every application and filing. Delivery is not just about on time submittals. The intent, value, and highlights of the project need to be properly conveyed and delivered in the documentation and especially in the presentation. We work with the team to properly navigate the entitlement process, prepare for public hearings, and we meet regularly with agency staff and reviewers to answer their questions and minimize debate in public forums. Typical services pertaining to the management and performance of the professional services team are:

Program Evaluation
Program Definition
Assemblage of Professional Services
Budgeting for Professional Services
Scheduling of Professional Services
Sequence of Professional Services
Strategic Planning & Approach
Meeting Management
Alternatives Analysis
Private Utility Coordination 


Permit Strategies
Filing Sequence & Schedules
Coordination with Gov’t Authorities
Document Reviews
• Presentations
Peer Review Management
Design Revisions
Conditions of Approval
3rd Party Agreements
Development Agreements